the natural health clinic

Studio 231,Edinburgh Palette,151 London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE

Paul Reynolds BSc hons. 07906 166 110 - Sue Matthews BSc hons. 07746 890 048


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The natural health clinic offers therapeutic approaches to health. We provide Acupuncture, Reflexology and Therapeutic Bodywork with Myofascial Release in Edinburgh.


We are working with some of you lovely folk who each come to us with a unique body, life experiences and lifestyle choices. We encourage you to identify the tensions and conflicts within, in order to soften them. Your health journey, in all its many expressions is yours alone, but we hope to facilitate your process, using our own skill base, knowledge and clinical practice.

Sometimes we just need to be given the opportunity and space to feel our body or experience our thought processes from a different perspective. With new insights, we allow for new choices which opens us up for change.

Wishing you well,

Sue and Paul

"In life, as in music...

...the rests are as important as the notes."



We recommend you bring a bottle of water to your appointment (for your own refreshment).

We welcome you to call us to make an appointment - please do leave us your name (including surname) and number as we may be consulting at the time of your enquiry. We currently offer appointments Monday-Friday and will endeavour to return your calls/messages at our earliest opportunity during working hours.

When you arrive for your appointment, to access the Edinburgh Palette building, please enter the code you were given when you booked your appointment. Please make your way up to the natural health clinic in Studio 231, in the West Wing, on the 2nd floor, and come in from the corridoor, to take a seat in our lovely waiting room. Your practitioner will find you there at your allocated appointment time.

Check out our Contact Us page for more help on finding us.

We have a Data Policy, click Your Data to read at your leisure!

This website may not represent our most up to date information, please call or email if you have specific questions. Thank you!



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